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Zen Garden Relaxation DVD


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Zen Garden Relaxation
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"I love my Zen Garden DVD... it puts me in the most relaxing state of mind in minutes..."
Zoe Carmen, Mill Valley, California

Zen Garden Relaxation and Meditation DVD captures the timeless beauty and natural harmony found in Zen gardens throughout the centuries.
Languid afternoon shadows play upon the raked sand. A series of waterfalls empty endlessly into pristine pools.
A gentle breeze sends ripples across a pond. Bonsai trees and Japanese Lanterns (Ishi Doro) are softly sculpted by wind and time.
Representational of a larger universe and referred to as “mindscapes,” Zen Garden Relaxation and Meditation DVD connects the viewer to a tranquil, contemplative world for inner relaxation and stress reduction.

"Zen gardens build a sense of calm...viewing a sparse landscape of rock and gravel can be an antidote to the day's chaos."  (San Francisco Chronicle 3/24/2010)

"Studies show that stress reduction can do a better job of preventing, slowing ad even reversing heart disease than most drugs and surgical procedures." (The Atlantic)

Zen Garden DVD features:

  • 1 hour of tranquil Zen garden scenery changing slowly
  • Automatic play- just load and enjoy
  • Authored looping function
  • Ambient music track mixed with nature sounds
  • Separate Nature sounds ONLY audio track  (Just press the audio button on DVD remote)
  • Shot in high definition
  • Wide Screen format
  • Plays on any DVD player or Computer with DVD capability

"I can turn our flat screen into a garden window, with  Zen Garden DVD. Absolutely Brilliant!
Terry Walker, Los Angeles, CA

Produced by Zenchantment.
Directed by Milos Kuhlman.
Music by Zenpurity.

Zen Garden Relaxation
Buy Zen Garden DVD on Amazon
Watch Instantly on Amazon