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Zen Garden Lotus Blossoms


Zen Garden - Lotus Blossoms

Zen Garden Lotus Blossoms DVD now Available on Amazon

Zenchantment presents Zen Garden - Lotus Blossoms - featuring the serene beauty and harmony of luscious lotus blossoms in bloom in Zen Gardens.
Breathe in deeply, and enjoy the quiet beauty of Lotus blossoms in bloom in a peaceful Zen Garden setting. Koi fish pass languidly underneath the colorful profusion of lotus blossoms and water lilies, a Zen Garden captured in a tranquil, quiet repose.

Known as Sacred Lotus in India, the lotus has been around for at least 1300 years, and has the ability to live for over a thousand years. In many cultures, the Lotus Blossom can represent elegance, grace, beauty, perfection, sexual purity and non-attachment... and is often featured prominently in Hindu mythology.

“One who performs his duty without attachment, surrendering the results unto the Supreme Lord, is unaffected by sinful action, as the lotus is untouched by water.” Bhagavad Gita
Exhale slowly, and unwind to a serene meditative world where an exquisitely delicate lotus blossom drifts aimlessly, dragonflies and lotus pads mark the slow passing of the sun drenched afternoon in a Japanese garden.
Zen Garden - Lotus Blossoms is a perfect way to meditate and experience the fragile impermanence and unmatched beauty of nature in bloom.

Directed by Milos Kuhlman, and captured in high definition wide screen,
Zen Garden - Lotus Blossoms is authored to loop automatically, endlessly. Simply load the DVD and enjoy.

An ambient music soundscape, by Zenpurity, quietly enhances the wistful, quiet moods.
Or if you prefer- track 2 features natural sounds only (just press the audio button on your remote control.)
Zen Garden - Lotus Blossoms features:

- 1 hour of tranquil Zen garden scene after scene
- Automatic play- just load and enjoy
- Automatic looping function
- Ambient music track mixed with nature sounds (Press the audio button on DVD remote)
- Nature sounds ONLY track
- Shot in high definition wide screen

The spectacular colors and subtle beauty of Lotus in bloom,
Zen Garden - Lotus Blossoms is a welcome antidote to the often busy, stressful world.
Set aside some time, and celebrate the quiet journey of this serene moment, and enjoy a Japanese garden transforming into a vibrant colorful landscape of visual poetry.

Produced by Zenchantment.
Directed by Milos Kuhlman.
Music by Zenpurity.

Zen Garden - Lotus Blossoms

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