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FAQs & License Info


Zenchantment DVDs feature:

  • Spectacular wide screen imagery
  • Shot in high definition,
  • Crafted Ambient Music
  • Discrete nature soundtrack
  • Programmed Auto Play
  • Natural Sound Therapy that blocks noise and enables relaxation and meditation
  • Auto looping function is programmed into all DVDs

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do I need to program my DVD player or use a menu for my DVD to loop?
Answer: No special set up is necessary. Your DVD is authored to start automatically and loop endlessly. No menus or programming is necessary.
You won't have to do a thing. Just load it up..

Question: Will this DVD play internationally?
Answer: Yes. All DVDs have been authored to play on a variety of international formats and DVD players.

Question: How do I activate only the natural sounds track (track 2)
Answer: On every DVD remote control is an "AUDIO" button (usually with an icon of a speaker). Simply press the "AUDIO" button to select either TRACK 1 (music and natural sounds mix) or TRACK 2 (natural sounds only.)

Question: I really like the music. Can I buy it separately?
Answer: Yes. The music is available an audio only CD. Visit www.zenpurity.com for more info.

Question: Will it play on my DVD player?
Answer: Yes.  All our DVDs can be played on any Standard format DVD player, Widescreen format DVD player or any computer with DVD playing capability.

Question:  Can we get the rights to use these DVDs in our hospital/restaurant/public setting?

Answer: Yes. We have a special licensing fee charged per DVD for viewing publicly or at institutions. Please call or email us directly to set up a licensing order. Public display and special licensing requests are handled at michael@zenchantment.com

Our licensing fees per DVD are as follows (does not include DVD purchase):
$50 per DVD for broadcast over 2 to 25 Public TVs for 2 years.
$100 per DVD for broadcast over 26 to 50 Public TVs for 2 years.
$150 per DVD for broadcast over 51 to 100 Public TVs for 2 years.
$200 per DVD for broadcast over 101 to 200 Public TVs for 2 years.
For 201+ Public TVs- Contact Us
Email us directly to order copies of special licensed DVDs and for more information.